Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

New Inverter system

  • 1Hz+0.1°C+0.3W


  • USB wifi
  • Easy for installation with high efficiency

  • Convenience

PCB Pluggable Maintain

  • Increases maintainanance efficiency
  • Seperate terminal board cover
  • maintain PCB directly

Fin Style Air Flow

  • Optimize air flue
  • Increase the air blow distance efficiency

Demountable Underjaw

  • Less manpower

  • Reduce installation time by half

Nano-scale base protection Poly foam

  • Unibody poly foam
  • Moisture proof
  • Heat preservation

Waved Vertical Louver Airblade

  • Co-movement finning airblade
  • Air-out directly
  • More balance air-out
  • Longer and more concentrate air flue

Heavy Duty Load Bearing Frame

  • Compressive resistance increase by 15%
  • Transport spoilage decrease by 30%

Seamless Design

  • 0.3MM Seaming Attain Industry No.1
  • Integrative Appearance

Self Cleaning

  • Heat exchanger starts the auto cleaning by frosting and defrosting
  • Prevents bacterial build inside
  • Brings healthier air