5 Reasons to Use a Garment Steamer

Amstrad Garment Steamer

A Garment Steamer is a handy, electronically operated device that has found a place in most households. These nifty devices can loosen up the worst of wrinkles and the best part? They use no chemicals or harsh methods during the process! With a bit of heat and water, your clothes will look brand new in no time. Keep your garments in top condition with Amstrad’s double-pole Garment Steamer.

Amstrad Garment Steamer

But first, what is the use of a garment steamer?

As the name suggests, a garment steamer is an appliance that uses water as an input to create moistness or steam to perform its functions. It comes with an inbuilt tank that it uses to store the water. Its primary purpose is to clear up all the wrinkles and creases in your clothes. However, it also comes with other perks that are discussed below. 

Without further ado, here are five reasons to use a Garment Steamer:

  • To Maintain Your Clothing

Apart from releasing all the wrinkles, a steamer also freshens up your clothing. A steamer applies heat, killing any germs and bacteria present. If you are on a time crunch, this device can get your clothes looking spick and span in no time!

Constant exposure to the wear and tear of washing your clothes can leave them looking worn out. Since clothes steamers do not use rough movement and only use steam, they are great for a pick-me-up when your clothes look dreary and do so without damaging the material.

If you’ve ever had to deal with clothing that’s shrunk after a spin in your washer, this device will be a blessing. The steam relaxes the fabric of material to restore the clothes to their original measurements. 

Unlike washing machines, garment steamers can also spot clean- be it your favourite delicate muslin dress or a thick embroidered cloth. This feature allows you the ability to remove a stain without going through the whole laundry process. 

Amstrad’s Garment Steamer also has a convenient integrated hanger to dry your clothes after every session.

  • Save money!

Clothes aren’t the only thing these steamers can freshen up. Instead of going to a professional carpet cleaner for that coffee spill, try using some vinegar or lemon on the stain and putting your steamer to work.

That’s not all; window curtains are some of the most delicate fabrics that need special care. The elbow-grease and attention required to iron out your curtains on an ironing board cannot be understated. Instead of devoting more time, money, and effort into making your curtains presentable, a steamer can straighten out your curtains to look freshly dry-cleaned. However, be sure to check that these curtains aren’t “dry-clean” only.

Adhesive labels, wallpapers, and sticky add-ons always leave a white patch behind or even worse- take sweat and tears before they come apart. Save the scrubbing and repeated soaks and get your steamer out instead. A couple of minutes should be enough to melt the glue residue and stickers right off!

Some other surprising benefits that add to the versatile garment steamers include cleaning your sofas, removing grout from your tiles, dealing with stubborn grease and grime, and cleaning your mattress! But make sure you go through the tags to check if the appliance or piece of furniture is compatible with steam.

The 35 gms/min of continuous steam provided by the Amstrad Garment Steamer is more than enough for all these tasks!

  • Remedy for allergy problems and smells

Sensitive to certain chemicals and odours? Then a garment steamer is the solution for you.

Steaming kills the foul odours floating around your clothes by deactivating the bacteria present when the hot vapour is applied to the area. For a particularly stubborn odour, spraying diluted white vinegar on the spot before applying the heat will ensure you have fresh-smelling clothes to re-wear in an instant!

If you are allergic to pollen or dust, a walk in the park or a shop is enough to have you reaching for your handkerchief before you know it. Steaming lets out the irritant by pushing through the fibres and eradicates any pollen, dust mites, or stubborn bacteria.

This Garment steamer has an easy drain at the base, ensuring that you use a fresh input of water with every new load.


  • Better than regular irons in all ways

Sure, irons are handy, and everyone has one lying at home. But, they come nowhere close to matching the benefits of a clothes steamer. Besides, irons can also be painful to hold and press down continuously. Forget about ruining delicate fabrics; these steamers take half the effort and give you better results!

We haven’t even mentioned how easy it is! A quick google search for ‘how to use a handheld garment steamer’ is more than enough to master its techniques. It takes little to learn how to hover the steamer over a piece of clothing for a couple of seconds at every spot. 

For those in a small apartment, having a fixed ironing board with no foldable properties is not an option. Instead, go for the lightweight and convenient steamer.

There has been an instance in everyone’s life when they forgot to lift the iron, causing them to burn the clothes they were working on, the iron board, or even themselves! Watch the wrinkles disappear without any contact at all, ensuring that you don’t risk any chances of scorched fabric.

The double-pole steamer also comes with an iron board that can be hung vertically for ease of use!

  • Keeps your clothes looking presentable!

By using a steamer, you also get to be eco-friendly! These devices remove wrinkles quicker than irons, and more efficiently which translates to less electricity consumed. Bid farewell to the days of going over a cloth repeatedly!

An added perk is that you can pick a single article of clothing you need instead of having to load them up all at once. 

Amstrad’s 1.7-litre capacity is the perfect amount for you to finish all your clothes and fabrics in one session!

Garment steamers are becoming the new must-have household item. Amstrad’s AMGS201 is the perfect device for your laundry needs. With Amstrad’s top-notch after-sales services, you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong product! So what are you waiting for?

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