10 Shocking AC Facts you Didn’t Know!

Air Conditioner Facts

Living without an air conditioner is almost unimaginable! In the last decade, air conditioners have become an utmost necessity in homes, our cars, offices, schools and more. From window air conditioners to split air conditioners to central air conditioning in homes, ACs are part of our lives. But did you know that ACs were not built for humans? They were built for commercial reasons – paper! Or did you know that ACs contributed largely to the medical industry for developing several medications? Yes! ACs go beyond just cooling homes and us, and have technologically advanced too. Read on to discover 10 shocking AC facts you didn’t know about.

Amstrad AC

1. Did you know Air Conditioners are Intelligent?

Air Conditioning has come a long way since the first AC in India in 1954. Manually setting timers to switch on and off, cooling rooms faster with turbo modes or maintaining room temperatures at a steady cooling using sensors. All these features are built-into air conditioners to create optimum comfort and cooling in homes. Today, air conditioners have become intelligent offering intelligent controls.

Amstrad WiFi Smart AC

Amstrad WiFi Smart AC

Now control your air conditioner with a simple voice command or over a smart phone. Pair it with intelligent home systems like Google Assistant and Alexa to give your AC a voice command. Power down when you are retiring to bed or change temperatures when paired.

Wi-Fi enabled Smart ACs allow you to remotely control your air conditioner from any room with a smartphone. Change temperatures, switch to different cooling modes or even pre-cool your home before you get back. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your smart phone. Like the Amstrad Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners. It gives you complete control of the starting, stopping and operating your AC at the touch of a button.

Abruptly lost electricity at home? Amstrad 5-star energy saving air conditioners restarts automatically after power resumes. And you don’t need to reset temperatures. Its intelligent technology remembers the temperature and resumes cooling at the set temperature without any memory loss. Intelligent, isn’t it?

2. Did you know Air Conditioners can self-clean?

Indian summers and humid monsoons create a breeding ground for bacteria and mould inside the AC unit. ACs that aren’t in use for a while accumulate dust in ducts, vents and on coils. And the moment you switch on such an AC, it releases bacteria and dust into your home, affecting the health of your family.

Amstrad Self Cleaning AC

Today, air conditioners clean the units automatically on touch of a button. Interesting fact, isn’t it? Take the Amstrad Dr. AC for example. Every 15 days, hit the auto-clean function on your Dr. AC Air Conditioner, and the unit automatically cleans the evaporator coil to remove dust and prevent it from rusting. The heat exchanger technology in Amstrad air conditioners auto-cleans using its defrosting mechanism. This self-cleaning mode gets rid of dirt, fungus and bacteria that collects inside indoor units. When the weather gets more humid, activate this function weekly, to ensure no moldy smells and bacteria; breathe only healthy and clean air.

3. Did you know Air Conditioners can get rid of mosquitoes?

Well not all air conditioners! But it is a fact that the latest technology enables air conditioners to help prevent mosquitoes. Mosquitoes enter home through the vents of air conditioners. Air conditioner drains have water and condensation inside the house because puddles attract mosquitoes.

Amstrad Doctor Dr AC

Amstrad Dr. AC

Air conditioners now come with built-in mosquito repellents within the unit, such as Amstrad’s Dr. AC. Enjoy an undisturbed sleep and complete protection from mosquito borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. The mosquito repellent filter inside Dr. AC air conditioners work actively to drive away mosquitoes from inside a room, so that you enjoy better comfort and cooling without worrying about these pests. Now, don’t light that coil or spray repellent aerosols, simply install Dr. AC for a long-lasting mosquito-free home.

4. Did you know air conditioners purify the air in your room?

Air conditioners are now built to provide homes with the healthiest and cleanest air. Most cities across India, suffer from poor Air Quality Index (AQI). Fine toxic particulate matter in the air enter houses bringing along with it a host of respiratory issues. Dust particles inside the house cause allergies and in some cases become severe health disorders for elderly residents.

This is where an air conditioner like Dr. AC works doubles up as an air purifier to provide clean air in your homes. Air conditioners like Dr. AC come with in-built filters that help eliminate the dust and fine particulate matter inside the house. Scientific studies have proved that PM 2.5 particles can severely impair respiratory function. These particulate matters penetrate the lung walls and stick on to it corroding the wall of the lungs.

Amstrad’s Dr. AC comes with a built-in PM 2.5 filter that removes 99% of particulate matter. The filter uses the technology of air ionizer – electrostatic ion – to filter out dust, fine particles, bad odour and pollen.  So, while Dr. AC cools your home, it also works to improve the quality of air circulating in your home.

Amstrad Dr AC with filters

5. Did you know air conditioners sterilize the air in your home?

It is a fact that some air conditioners work efficiently to cool as well as improve air quality inside your house. Through hot summer and humid monsoon seasons, windows are left open for fresh air circulation. Natural wind carries pollen, spores and other bacteria into your homes. Especially, with the current situation, eliminating fungi and bacteria that causes respiratory disorders becomes crucial.

Air conditioners today are designed with antibacterial filters in addition to PM 2.5 filters that combat air-borne bacteria, dust and fungi. Such as Amstrad’s Dr. AC! Along with the PM 2.5 filter Amstrad has added another layer of protection with its lysosome antibacterial filter. The antibacterial filter traps airborne spores, bacteria, and viruses that cause allergic reactions. It fundamentally works like a strong chemical defence against bacterial infections by destroying the peptidoglycan layer of bacterial cell walls.

Now isn’t that a shocking fact, that your air conditioner can sterilize air!

6. Did you know air conditioners dehumidify your home?

Warm summer days and nights and sticky monsoons see soaring humidity inside the home and bad odours. Excess moisture in the air makes walls and wooden furniture a hotbed for bacteria and mould. Mould often underrated is one of the leading causes of allergies and random colds.

Air conditioners have dedicated functions such as dry cooling mode to reduce the moisture in the air inside your house. So, it pulls in the moist air from the room, heats it, then cools it and circulates it back into the house again. Thus, condensation forms on the AC unit coil as it runs through its usage. When you switch to the dry mode in regular air conditioners, the air condenses and water drips out of the drain.

Amstrad’s Dr. AC uses the latest technology of heat exchangers. Wherein the evaporator coil just heats up – defrosting mechanism- cleaning the unit as well as dehumidifying the air. Now, in sweltering heat and humidity, simply switch on your Dr. AC to get clean, fresh and cool air!

Amstrad Doctor AC Recommended by Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

As a matter of fact, all these health benefits coupled in one air conditioner is why Dr. AC is recommended by INDIAN MEDICAL ACADEMY FOR PREVENTIVE HEALTH!


7. Did you know that your air conditioner can warm you up in winters?

Air conditioners immediately bring to mind cool air and cozy rooms. But latest inverter technologies have transformed air conditioners to offer dual functionality of warming your homes too. Most leading brands today provide hot and cold ACs. Why? Because weathers in north India get chilly and drop to freezing temperatures, making heaters a necessity.

Amstrad All Season AC

Amstrad All Season AC

But with an Amstrad All Season AC, you can enjoy warm winters inside your home and cool summers with just one gadget. Amstrad’s hot and cold inverter technology provides maximum cooling in summers and maximum heating during winters. The air conditioner uses a two-stage compression (EVI) and cooling system optimization technology. This enables the AC to comfortably warm the house at -5˚c and cool the house at 52˚c.

The dual function of cooling and heating requires an indoor unit that is heavy duty with key components that are reliable. Amstrad hot and cold air conditioners deliver exceptional performance in extreme ambient temperatures.

8. Did you know air conditioners are now designed to be anti-polluting and ozone-friendly?

The first air conditioners and refrigerators built, used coolants that would release chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other greenhouse gases that damage the ozone layer. Gradually, technology in air conditioners moved to cleaner cooling agents like HFC refrigerant, that are ozone-friendly and carbon free.

In fact, all Amstrad air conditioners are built using the next generation R-32 coolant. Applications of R-32 coolant in air conditioners has transformed the capabilities of air conditioners. Amstrad believes in building ACs with next generation technology, using R-32 coolant that has zero (GWP) Global Warming Potential. As a consumer conscious about the environment, you must switch to air conditioners that use only R-32 coolants in air conditioners.

9. Did you know air conditioners cool your home while saving energy?

After refrigerators, air conditioners consume the most electricity in our homes. The Latest technology has now enabled air conditioners to cool faster, better with lower power consumption.  Like the Amstrad 5-Star Energy Saving Air Conditioner uses a new inverter technology that cools your rooms efficiently. The air conditioners are built to provide better heat transfer and cooling that enhances the energy efficiency of the air conditioner.


Amstrad 5 Star Energy Saving Air Conditioner

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) five-star rating takes into account cooling capacity of the air conditioner and amount of cooling provided using certain power. This means that the Amstrad’s 5-Star air conditioner delivers maximum cooling quickly, while consuming lesser energy units. In fact, Amstrad’s 5-Star energy saving air conditioner consumes minimum 597 Kw and maximum 861 Kw annually; making it energy efficient and lowering electricity bills.

10. Did you know air conditioners are super-durable?

While most electronic appliances are built to last, most start to corrode or have internal working issues within a year. And it is never really smart to use electronics built a decade ago, simply because technology has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade. Today, split air conditioners are built with better outdoor units (ODU) and improved cooling indoor units (IDU). The ODUs in Amstrad air conditioners not only have an upgraded external grill, but the grill’s design at certain angles improves heat dissipation by 30%.

Amstrad split air conditioners are built with GOLDEN FIN technology for IDU & ODU systems. Golden Fin technology prevents the corrosion of heat exchangers and extends the life of air conditioners. Amstrad split air conditioners designed with 100% COPPER coils, provide better heat transfer which makes the air conditioners’ energy efficient.

Air conditioners have become our solace to battle extreme weathers across the world. From remotely controlling your air conditioners to sleeping soundly, breathing clean air and hassle-free maintenance ACs, Amstrad constantly innovates with better technology.

We hope we’ve enlightened you with some interesting and shocking facts about ACs. Head on to www.amstradworld.com to check out the entire range of air conditioners.

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