How well do you know your AC


A quick check of the features and technology that your AC might be missing out on.

Amstrad Doctor AC

Air Conditioners have become an inseparable part of our lives today. It is almost impossible to imagine a single summer afternoon without your AC protecting you from the scorching heat outside. However, with the advancement of technology, there are ACs today that heat the room when it’s cold, are connected with WIFI-enabled systems, and perform other intelligent tasks like air purification and automatic temperature control.

That said, an air conditioner essentially works by drawing out the warm air, and removing its heat before it is blown back into the room. This process is repeated until your room achieves the desired cooling temperature. It sounds pretty straightforward but is actually a complex process that has undergone groundbreaking upgrades through the years, to make air conditioners even more long-lasting and robust.

This leads to the question – Does your AC possess the latest technology? Does it still suit your needs? And, ultimately, how well do you really know your AC?

We’ll help you answer all this by explaining what you need to know about an AC in general, and how Amstrad’s ACs perform in these parameters:

1. Evaporator Coil 

Evaporator Coil

The cold pipes in an AC are collectively called an evaporator coil. It is filled with a refrigerant, which changes from liquid to gas as it absorbs the heat from the air. The refrigerant is then taken to another coil where it gives up its heat and changes back into a liquid. Therefore, it is imperative to have an AC with a superior quality evaporator coil. Nonetheless, these evaporator coils will still require regular maintenance.

Unlike regular ACs Amstrad’s air conditioners are made up of 100% copper and come with a golden fin technology. This means better heat transfer and enhanced energy efficiency while preventing corrosion of heat exchangers and extending the life of your air conditioner

However, the case is totally different with Amstrad ACs. For better heat transfer and enhanced energy efficiency, the coils of Amstrad ACs are made up of 100% pure copper and come with a golden fin technology, which prevents the corrosion of heat exchangers and extends the life of your air conditioner. What’s more interesting is that Amstrad’s Smart ACs support intelligent cleaning that automatically cleans the evaporator coil. This next-generation feature avoids buildup of dust, microbes and other contaminants while maintaining energy efficiency.

2. Filter

AC Filter

There are plenty of tips to maximise the efficiency of your air conditioning. One way to achieve this is by cleaning or changing the filter often. The filter does a vital role of cleaning the airflow from dust, pollen, and other solid contaminants. However, even the most expensive ACs can sometimes fail to provide clean air due to poor ventilation. This subsequently results in reduced indoor air quality, which often leads to Sick Building Syndrome – an acute discomfort noticed worldwide which arises due to the building in which one resides or works.

Amstrad Doctor AC

To avoid such health concerns, Amstrad’s Doctor AC Inverter Split Air Conditioner makes use  of the next generation, multi-stage filtration system which is even recommended by the Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health. It is fitted with not one, but four filters:

  1. Pre-filter traps dust and offers mosquito-repellent properties,
  2. Activated Carbon Filter absorbs TVOCs and harmful gases,
  3. Lysozyme filter destroys bacterial cells, and

PM 2.5 filter removes a certified 99.9% PM 2.5 particle from the air.


3. 360-Degree Cooling

Many ACs today offer 360-degree cooling, also referred to as ‘surround cooling’ feature. This feature allows a greater reach for cool air and reduces the need to have the AC on at all times. If your AC doesn’t cool your room evenly, consider upgrading to Amstrad’s Cassette air conditioner that offers surround cooling with its eight vents delivering cool air all throughout the  . A Cassette AC along with its central placement in the ceiling, makes it highly suitable for large halls, party halls or living rooms where the wall mounted split air conditioners won’t be as effective.

Tip: While installing a Cassette AC, it’s better to have a false ceiling to hide all the piping. The look and its performance will make up for the extra money spent!


4. Range and Variability

Amstrad WiFi Smart AC

An important feature to look out in your AC includes variations and changes that it allows in the temperature. This feature decides the degree of control you have on the cooling of your AC. Unlike many standard ACs, Amstrad air conditioners’ AI based 1-degree temperature control adjust to the compressor load and air flow based on  the room ambience to your liking and make it the most suited for your specific needs.

5. IoT Enablement

IoT Enablement refers to the ability to communicate with a gadget using the internet, something that is now possible for ACs as well. You can instruct the AC to switch on and off with a touch on your mobile and use voice-recognition applications to control it. The Wifi Smart AC from Amstrad is IoT Enabled, and you can control them via Google Assistant and Alexa or use your smartphone.

Amstrad WiFi Smart AC

6. Rating and Warranty

Last but not least, a good air conditioner comes with a four to five-star rating and offers warranty against manufacturing defects. Amstrad makes premium ACs with 5-star rating, and come with a 10 Years Warranty on Inverter Compressor, meaning complete peace of mind with undisturbed breezy sleep!


Now that you know how your AC works and how it should efficiently cool your home, make the wise choice! Amstrad’s air conditioners are amongst the very best that you can buy today. Our ACs are available in both 1 ton and 1.5-ton variants Also, you can choose from Dr. AC, All Season ACs, WIFI Smart ACs, 3 Star Inverter ACs and other types as per your convenience. Visit here to learn more.


  • Haris - March 20, 2021

    I, already installed your AM1315 AC in last two days back,
    silent work and enough cool, right now i don’t have any more comments.
    It’s good.
    In future, need any assistance, will get you.